Autonomous quadcopter fleet

That's my ambitious idea...

Posted by Pierre Verkest on June 29, 2016

Yes this is quite ambitious idea to be able to create an autonomous quadcopter fleet!

This is the kind of things that let me dream Swarm Quadrotors by lexus-int:

Today it’s just an idea, a dream… There is no plan, a lot of details are not defined and hope that writing some blog post will help me give guidelines and focus on that project ;)

Current guidelines are very high level:

  • This thing should fly which we are calling quadcopter in this post
  • Expected to fly indoor
  • Try to use common products publicly available and used by a lot of people
  • Could be great to create a fleet
  • quadcopter should be autonomous (no planning, no manual commands)
  • quadcopter would received desired state or target task (ie: bring the tv pad close to me, show me what’s happen in the kitchen…)
  • quadcopter should remember it’s environment and share with others
  • quadcopter should able to avoid contacts and assume that its environment could change
  • Openness! This project must be based on Open-source hardware and Open-source software!

Other resources about quadcopter swarm (already 4 years ago!):